KFC Flamin Wrap

KFC Flamin Wrap

KFC Flamin Wrap is a hot mini wrap on the menu. It should be your next lunch time obsession as this fiery mini wrap takes things to the next level. A delightful blend of crispy chicken with pickled slaw and fresh lettuce well mixed in cheese enveloped nicely in a specially made Flamin hot shell.
Each bite gives you a particular slow burn to the tongue that makes you come back wanting more of it.


Energy kJ

330 kcal

Energy kcal


Protein (37% DV)


Sugars (3.8% DV)


Carbs (10% DV)


Saturated Fat (13% DV)


KFC Chicken Fillet


Large Tortilla

Pickled Slaw

Pickled Slaw

Supercharger Mayo or Sauce 1

Supercharger Mayo

KFC Wraps are usually prices in between £4-6 but thanks to Flamin’ Wrap KFC which is available at only £2.99 making it an affordable yet light and tasty lunch offer. So enjoy this mini wrap on your next KFC visit.

Check Nutrition of KFC Flamin mini wrap based on daily diet of 2000 calories.

Nutritional ContentKFC Flamin’ Mini Wrap (Per Portion)% Daily Value
Energy1390 kJ / 330 kcal
Fat14.80 g23%
Saturated Fat2.50 g13%
Carbohydrates30.40 g10%
Sugars1.90 g3.8%
Protein18.60 g37%
Salt1.51 g63%

KFC signature finger licking mini chicken fillet coated in Flamin’ Hot Shell, a fiery red coating, reminiscent of Cheetos delivering a slow heat. Then comes the creamy counterpart which is KFC signature Supercharger Sauce to balance the heat blast. It creates a delightful contrast with the crisp of chicken.

Fresh lettuce with pickled slaw adds an essential refreshing touch. All the ingredients nicely packed in a mini tortilla a perfect size for on-the-go snack. Read more about KFC Supercharger Sauce Wrap and its recipe.

A must try wrap if you’re looking for a spicy fast food option that is not heavy on the pocket as well as on the stomach. If you have already tried a spicy KFC Wrap of the day and want to try a new spicy wrap KFC Flamin Wrap is the wrap for you.

KFC Twister wraps are very handy when it comes a quick meal on the go. While, this has been made more easy with this Flamin Wrap KFC which is easy handheld product. A mini tortilla wrap holds the ingredients well that they don’t fall off on the go.

As a spice aficionado, I couldn’t resist the Flamin KFC Hot Mini Wrap and tried it out last week.

The first bite was a pure joy as exploded the wave of heat in my mouth. It delivered a slow burn in the first bite. But I assure you it is a pleasant heat and not searing the mouth.

The creamy warmth of Supercharger Mayo acts perfectly to counter the heat offering a tangy relief. The juicy KFC Fried Chicken with picked slaw and fresh lettuce adds a textural contrast.

If you are craving a wrap but do not want to be full with it. Mini wrap can work for you. KFC Flamin’ Mini Wrap is perfect for a satisfying snack or light lunch. Mini in size but packs a punch in terms of flavor.

4 out 5 star for me as it worked for me for a perfect spicy snack. It might be too much spicy for someone who doesn’t like spices.

How much is a Flamin Wrap KFC Spicy?

It packs a moderate amount of heat delivers a slow burning spice that intensifies gradually. It’s not searingly hot.

How many Calories in Flamin Wrap KFC?

330 Kcal with 14.90g of fat, 30.40g of Carbs, and 18.60g protein.

Is there any alternative to KFC Flamin’ Hot Wrap?

KFC also offer wraps that are spicy and unique in flavors like Smokey BBQ Wrap.

Is KFC Flamin’ Hot Wrap a Wrap of the Day KFC?

No, KFC Wrap of the Day gone! Now there isn’t a wrap available in this offer.

How much a KFC Flamin Wrap Mini Costs?

kfc flamin wrap price uk is only £2.99. Grab the mini wrap on your nearest KFC.

Where I can still enjoy Wrap of the Day ?

McDonald’s still offer Wrap of the day across UK.

To Order go: https://www.kfc.co.uk/our-menu/twisters/

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