KFC Kentucky Mayo Twister Wrap

KFC Kentucky Mayo Twister Wrap

KFC Kentucky Mayo Twister Wrap is famous for the KFC signature Kentucky Mayo. A very unique and flavorful in taste when added to a hot toasted tortilla where there is already a KFC’s original recipe chicken fillet, creamy mayonnaise, subtle herbs and black pepper. Currently offered at £3.99.
Adding a delicious contrast of crunchy pickled slaw, a hint of sweetness, and tangy vinegar. All nicely wrapped in a tortilla which is further folded in a neat parcel. Now this KFC Twister Wrap is ready to be served and conquer the lunch time or fuel on-the-go.


Energy kJ

520 kcal

Energy kcal








KFC Chicken Fillet


Large Tortilla Wrap

Pickled Slaw

Pickled Slaw

Kentucky Mayo

Kentucky Mayo

The juicy and tender chicken is well marinated in a blend of 11 herbs and spices, the Colonel Sanders’ secret recipe, giving the iconic KFC flavor we all love and crave for.

This special mayo adds saucy creaminess to the twister wrap which is made up of with a blend of mayonnaise, herbs and black pepper. This creates the perfect floor for chicken fillet.

Specially made slaw with cabbage, vinegar, sugar, salt and spices. This is not the regular coleslaw you’ve tried. This vibrant slaw offers a delicious textural contrast to creamy mayo and chicken fillet.

A warm toasted foundation that keeps everything together at the same time soft enough to be easily folded and eaten on the go. Don’t worry it is sturdy enough to keep all the ingredients within.

KFC offers a range of wraps on the KFC UK menu with each having its own unique flavors and characteristics. Kentucky Mayo Twister stands out due to its Kentucky mayo which makes it a creamy delight, perfect for those who enjoy juicy and smoother taste.

While spice enthusiasts Supercharger Mayo Twister can give you a fiery kick. KFC Smokey BBQ Twister is a perfect delight for the lovers of smoky BBQ flavors. While those who want to enjoy chilli with a hint of sweetness, the Sweet Chilli Twister is the wrap for you that adds a sweet spice to the mix.

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Currently It is offered at £3.99 throughout the week. Here is little bad luck that Kentucky Mayo twister is no longer available as a part of KFC “Twister Wrap of the Day” deal. Recently KFC has pull off this promotional offer and currently showing no interest to bring it back. However, this was offered as Twister Wrap of the Day Monday when the promotion offer was on.

KFC Kentucky Mayo Twister Poster
KFC Kentucky Mayo Twister Wrap

The Kentucky Mayo contains 520 calories as whole. Roughly equivalent to 30-min brisk walk. So if you’re going to have this wrap today make sure you make some extra moves to balance the equation.

Calories520 Kcal

IngredientPotential Allergen(s)Source
Original Recipe Chicken FilletWheat, Soy, MilkCoating and marinade may contain wheat flour, soy, and milk derivatives.
Kentucky MayoEgg, SoyMayonnaise typically contains egg yolk and traces of soy.
Pickled SlawMay Contain: Wheat, SoySome slaw recipes might contain wheat flour or soy sauce. Check KFC ingredient list for confirmation.
Toasted TortillaWheatMade with wheat flour.

While KFC Kentucky Mayo Twister Wrap is signature wrap at the menu, sometimes you might crave for zinger option.  KFC has all the variety to offer. Opt for Zinger Mayo Twister for spicier touch where Colonel’s zinger chicken takes center stage.

For more enhanced experience follow these pro tips

  • Enjoy it hot
  • Double Down on the Pickled Slaw
  • Ditch the Cutlery

This Twister is a perfect combination of fresh ingredients and delicious flavors that evokes happy memories. A classic menu item that continues to satisfy.

Although the twister is no more available on discounted price but still Kentucky Mayo Twister offers a delicious and affordable meal option.

Isla Brown your wrap partner is back this time with KFC Kentucky Mayo Twister Wrap. Go find McDonald’s Wrap of the day reviews here. Let’s unwrap this twister

The chicken is juicy and flavorful, Kentucky mayo is star of the show which adds a creamy touch that is a perfect compliment.

The tangy pickled tangy slaw provides a refreshing burst of flavor and a decent textural contrast. A perfect option for quick lunch but keep a check on caloric intake.

4.5/5 star due to the Kentucky Mayo.

While this is one of the most famous wrap to everyone here in UK. At the same time this is also offered and equally praised in other parts of the world. Like in KFC USA you may find similar option with different name “Chicken Little Sandwich”. So next time if you’re not in the UK and craving for the Kentucky Mayo Twister wrap, keep your eyes open and look for the similar wrap may be with some other names.

Make this Secret KFC Mayo by yourself with these simple recipe

  • 1 cup of peppered mayonnaise
  • 1 tbsp of Dijon Mustard
  • 1 tbsp of Honey
  • Pinch of peprika
  • Salt and Pepper (according to your choice)

Take a bowl and add all the mentioned ingredients in it. Now mix Dijon Mustard and honey with KFC pepper mayonnaise until they get smooth. Season with Salt, peprika and pepper for taste.

  • Use full fat pepper mayonnaise for richer taste.
  • Adjust the amounts of mustard and honey for a sweeter tangier taste.

Do KFC Still Offer Twister Wraps?

Yes. KFC UK still offers twister wraps throughout the week.

Do KFC Still Offer Twister Wrap of the Day?

No. KFC has stopped this promotional offer but it still offer Twister wraps at regular price.

Do KFC Offer any Twister Wrap meals?

Yes. KFC offers KFC Twister Wrap Meal (£7.49) and KFC Twister Wrap Box Meal (£8.49).

How many calories in KFC Kentucky Twister Wrap?

Kentucky Mayo Twister contains 520 Kcal (2176 KJ). Along with 23.9g fat and 28.9g protein.

Are KFC Twister wrap of the day healthy?

It varies. Sometimes it can be unhealthy due to crispy chicken fillet that can be high in calories. Adopt more grilled options for health benefits.

What Does Kentucky Mayo taste like?

Kentucky Mayo is the signature KFC sauce. A tasteful blend of creamy mayo with tangy vinegar, a peppery kick, and herbs for typical savory flavor.

Is KFC Kentucky Mayo Spicy?

Not very much. You may feel a peppery kick but may found it savory and tangy than spicy.

What is Kentucky Mayo?

Kentucky Mayo is the signature KFC sauce. A tasteful blend of creamy mayo with tangy vinegar, a peppery kick, and herbs for typical savory flavor.

Kentucky Mayo vs Supercharger Mayo ?

Kentucky mayo taste is creamy with peppery kick. While, supercharger mayo is bit spicy offering spicier option for bold palates.

What are Kentucky Mayo ingredients?

It is a blend of creamy mayo with tangy vinegar, a peppery kick, and herbs for typical savory flavor.

What’s wrap of the day?

It is a promotional offer that provides wraps at the discounted price. Check what is wrap of the day today.

What happened to Kentucky wrap of the day?

KFC Kentucky wrap of the day gone! The Kentucky Wrap KFC is not available in promotional offer any more.

Which wrap wad KFC Wrap of the day Wednesday?

KFC BBQ Wrap was offered on Wednesdays.

To Order go: https://www.kfc.co.uk/our-menu/twisters/kfc-kentucky-mayo-twister

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