McDonald’s The Sweet Chilli Chicken One – Crispy

Also available in Grilled Chicken.

McDonald's The Sweet Chilli Chicken One Crispy

McDonald’s The Sweet Chilli Chicken One crispy wrap can be perfect for your next fast food fix. It is a taste adventure that goes beyond the usual burger routine.

Try this McDonald’s Wrap of the day every Friday and Sunday. Crispy chicken breast perfectly coated with delicious sweet chilli sauce, a special cool creamy mayo, fresh lettuce and crisp cucumber in a toasted yet soft tortilla wrap.

A juicy crispy chicken select patty nestled within a toasted tortilla wrap, looks so familiar isn’t it? But here’s where the twist comes. A tantalizing drizzle of sweet chilli sauce add up a shatter of sweet and tangy flavor following a spicy kick.
Satisfy your weekend cravings with this McDonald’s wrap of the day Sunday or have on the coming Friday.

The deal is also available with grilled chicken to offer a lighter option for the caloric sensitive people as sweet chilli wrap Mcdonalds is also available as grilled wrap of the day meal.


Energy KJ (17%)


Energy kcal (17% RI)


Fat (9% RI)


saturated fat (6 % RI)


sugars (8 % RI)


salt (26 % RI)


Crispy Chicken

1,002 kJ | 240 kcal


Large Tortilla

719 kJ | 170 kcal

Smoky BBQ Sauce

Sweet Chilli Sauce

98 kJ | 23 kcal



18 kJ | 4 kcal

Cool Mayo

Cool Mayo

122 kJ | 30kcal



9 kJ | 2 kcal

McDonald sweet chilli wrap’s chicken starts its journey as fresh, lean chicken breast meat, forming the foundation of the final product with around 57% by weight. Natural flavors are then introduced using salt, potato starch, and a touch of sweetness from brown sugar.

Craving a crispy texture? Sweet Chilli chicken wrap McDonald’s offers a special blend specifically designed for that. This version also boasts 57% chicken breast meat alongside other carefully chosen ingredients to deliver the perfect combination of texture and taste. Let’s delve deeper into what goes into this crispy delight:

  • Water: Crucial for maintaining moisture and overall texture.
  • Vegetable Oils (Sunflower, Rapeseed): Provide fat for cooking and contribute to the satisfying crisp.
  • Starches: These act as thickening and binding agents, ensuring the crispy coating adheres to the chicken.
  • Yeast Extract: Adds a savory dimension to the flavor profile.
  • Spices (with Celery): Enhance the taste, but be aware that celery is present, a potential allergen.
  • Basic Seasoning: Salt plays an essential role in bringing out the overall flavor.
  • Acidity Regulators and Raising Agents: Maintain the proper pH level and help the product rise and retain its shape (specific ingredients may vary slightly).
  • Wheat & Gluten: Highlighted for individuals with wheat allergies.
  • Celery: Present in the spices and potentially in the flavoring.

The Sweet Chilli Sauce, adding a vibrant kick to various McDonald’s offerings, boasts a unique flavor profile.

Sweet and Tangy Base: Water forms the foundation, while sugar and glucose-fructose syrup provide sweetness. A sharp, tangy twist comes from spirit vinegar and citric acid.

Spicy Depths: Red chillies, the heart of the sauce’s heat, are present around 4% (though this might vary slightly). Garlic, either fresh or in puree form, adds a savory and pungent element. Dried chillies and dried red bell peppers contribute further depth and complexity to the spice profile.

Rounding Out the Flavor: Salt enhances the overall taste and acts as a preservative. Rapeseed oil adds a touch of richness, and natural paprika flavoring introduces a subtle smokiness. Thickeners (xanthan and guar gum) achieve the desired consistency, while potassium sorbate extends the shelf life.

Optional variations may include white wine vinegar for a touch of extra acidity and paprika extract for a visually appealing color.

Individuals sensitive to spicy foods should be aware of the presence of chillies, with the heat level varying slightly depending on the specific recipe.

The large tortilla wrap used in various McDonald’s recipes is primarily made from wheat flour, forming the base and providing structure. Water keeps the wrap moist and helps bind the ingredients, while humectants like glycerol further enhance moisture retention and maintain a soft texture.

Wheat fiber adds dietary fiber content, and rapeseed oil contributes essential fat to the dough. Wholemeal wheat flour adds a slightly heartier texture and additional fiber.

Leavening agents like disodium diphosphate and sodium hydrogen carbonate allow the dough to rise and achieve a fluffy texture. An emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids) helps combine all the ingredients and maintain a consistent mixture.

Stabilizers (carboxy methyl cellulose) contribute to the overall texture and stability of the wrap, while yeast plays a crucial role in the fermentation process that leavens the dough. Salt, of course, adds flavor and acts as a preservative. Finally, wheat starch thickens the dough and provides additional structure to the final wrap.

Wheat flour, wheat fiber, and whole meal wheat flour all contain gluten and are highlighted as allergens.

While the ingredient list doesn’t explicitly mention sesame seeds, milk, barley, or rye, the disclaimer acknowledges the potential presence of trace amounts due to shared manufacturing equipment used for various buns and rolls.

Additionally, be aware that toasting equipment might come into contact with sesame seeds, introducing the possibility of trace amounts even if the wrap itself doesn’t contain them as an ingredient.

McDonald’s Mayonnaise is a creamy condiment made with water as the base. Rapeseed oil (accounting for 23.5%) provides a rich texture, while spirit vinegar adds a tangy element. Modified maize starch acts as a thickener, ensuring a smooth consistency.

  • Free-range egg yolk (3%): A key ingredient, but important to note for those with egg allergies.
  • Mustard flour: Enhances the flavor profile, but be aware of this potential allergen.

Additional ingredients include sugar for a touch of sweetness, salt for taste, xanthan gum (a thickener), potassium sorbate (a preservative), and a touch of lemon juice concentrate for an extra layer of flavor.

100% fresh adds a delightful crisp to the bite giving it a refreshing feel.

100% Fresh and crisp lettuce adds a delightful textural contrast and a touch of coolness to the wrap. Typically, iceberg lettuce is used, but other varieties like romaine or even a mix of greens can be substituted according to personal preference. Lettuce is a good source of vitamins and fiber, making it a valuable addition to any meal.

Across UK, this Sweet chilli wrap McDonald’s costs £4.89 per wrap. However, McDonald’s Wrap of the Day Meal Prices are as follow

  • Large Meal Price: £7.29
  • Medium Meal Price £6.59
NutrientPer Serving%RI (Adult)Daily Value (Adult)Potential Allergens
Energy (kJ)196623%23%
Energy (kcal)46923%23%
Fat (g)1826%26%
Saturated Fat (g)2.312%12%
Carbohydrates (g)5220%20%Wheat Flour (in Coating)
Sugar (g)6.77%7%
Fibre (g)4.0
Protein (g)2244%44%Chicken, Wheat Flour (in Coating)
Salt (g)2.134%34%

    Isla Brown a Professional Food blogger here! Let’s unwrap McDonald’s Sweet Chilli Crispy Wrap.

This Crispy Chilli Wrap offers you a surprising twist for a quick and flavorful bite. Here’s why I said this

As name Sweet Chilli Wrap mcdonalds indicates the wrap has sweet chilli sauce as its main attraction. Its an unusual sauce that I usually experience at McDonald’s but it provides a welcome contrast to their usual sauce offerings.

 The chicken is the usual McDonald’s crispy variety, which pairs well with the soft wrap. The fresh lettuce and shredded carrots add a bit of crunch and freshness that’s much appreciated

 The “sweet” in the name doesn’t entirely mislead. The chilli provides a mild heat that builds slightly after each bite, but it’s nothing overwhelming.

 This wrap is a refreshing change from the usual McDonald’s wraps. The sweet chilli sauce provides a unique flavor profile, and the overall balance is satisfying. It might not be the most filling option, but it’s a great choice for a lighter lunch or a quick snack. If you’ve large appetite you may add something with the wrap.

The unexpected flavor twist due to sweet chilli sauce adds a bonus point to this wrap. As a lover of sauces I will give 4.5 out of 5 stars.

A wrap of the day at McDonald’s with Crispy chicken breast perfectly coated with delicious sweet chilli sauce, a special cool creamy mayo, fresh lettuce and crisp cucumber in a toasted yet soft tortilla wrap. Mcdonalds Sweet Chilli Wrap Calories count is 469 kcal.

What is Mcdonalds Wrap of the Day Sunday?

Mcdonalds Sweet Chilli Wrap is the one on Sunday.

How many calories in a Mcdonalds Sweet Chilli Wrap – Crispy ?

469 Kcal are Mcdonalds Sweet Chilli Wrap Calories. A perfect balance of taste and balanced ingredients.

What is Mcdonalds Wrap of the Day Friday?

The Sweet Chilli One is available wrap of the day on Friday across UK.

What is Wrap of the Day Tuesday and Thursday?

The BBQ & Bacon Chicken One is the wrap of the day McDonald’s Thursday and Tuesday.

Are Twister Wraps still available as Wrap of the Day?

No, KFC has stopped KFC Twisters promotional offer Twister Wrap of the Day from sometime.

What are McDonald’s mayo Chicken Calories?

240 Kcal along with 7.4g fat and 30.9g of carbohydrates. which is lower than Sweet Chilli Wrap Mcdonalds calories (469 kcal).

What is McDonald’s Monday Wrap of the Day?

The spicy veggie one that offers special McDonald’s Veggie dippers is available on Monday and Thursday.

Whats the wrap of the day today?

Mcdonalds Sweet chili wrap is wrap of the day today.

What is Wrap of the Day Friday?

Sweet Chilli Chicken Mcdonalds Crispy/Grilled is the wrap of the day Mcdonald’s Friday.

What is wrap of the day Sunday at McDonald’s?

Sweet chilli chicken Wrap is the Sunday wrap.of the day McDonald’s.

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