McDonald’s Happy Meal UK 2024

McDonald's Happy Meal UK in 2024

McDonald’s UK has new toys inspired from ‘90s blended with the current era toys offering classic as well as new happy meal toys UK. The launch of Mcdonald’s Adult happy meal with the Kerwin Frost Box that takes the adults back to the ‘80s childhood memories. So McDonalds happy meal UK isn’t just a meal anymore it is the revival of good old days.

This Blog post is going to be your one-stop guide to everything about Mcdonalds Happy Meal, menu, price, calories, new toys, and meal options in 2024.

Happy Meal Options

Whether you’re a parent planning to please your kids, a curious adult or a Happy meal collector I’ve got you covered in this post. McDonald’s Happy Meals UK offer a perfect balance of delicious food and beverages along with the exciting toys in every box

Main Course Options

Choose from classic favorites like the Hamburger and Cheeseburger, or opt for Chicken McNuggets (a serving of 4 pieces) or opt for healthier options like Veggie Dippers (a serving of 2 pieces) and Fish Fingers (with a serving of 3 pieces). Something to taste for everyone on our happy meal menu.


Crispy French Fries are a staple, ensuring a satisfying meal for your little ones.

Refreshing Drinks

 Quench your thirst with a range refreshing beverages available at the mcd happy meal menu. Each happy meal box comes with a one drink.


 The star of the show! McDonald’s Happy Meal in the UK regularly feature new toy collections, keeping things exciting for repeat Happy Meal enjoyers. A McNugget Buddy collectible is included in each box to surprise the kids.

McDonald’s Happy Meal Price

Here’s the Price of happy meal in UK along with the calories. Each happy meal box costs £3.59 in UK. However the happy meal price may vary from £2.59 to £3.59.

Cheese Burger Happy meal

Cheese Burger Happy Meal [298 Kcal, £3.59]

Juicy Beef Patty, Onions, Pickles, ketchup, Mustard, side/drink, Toy/book

Ha, Burger Happy Meal

Ham Burger Happy Meal [250 Kcal, £3.59]

Juicy Beef Patty, melted Cheese, Veggies, Sauce, side/drink, Toy/Book

Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal

Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal [174 Kcal, £3.59]

4 crispy pieces of Chicken, side/drink, Toy/book, affordable and tasty 19

Veggie Dippers Happy Meal [197 Kcal, £3.59]

2 vegan crispy dippers, side/drink, Toy/book 20

Fish Fingers Happy Meal [155Kcal, £3.59]

3 boneless crispy fish fingers, side/drink, Toy/book

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McDonald’s Happy Meal Calories

Check the calorie count in different Happy Meals along with protein and price.

Happy Meal OptionPriceCalories (kcal)Protein (g)Perfect For
Hamburger Happy Meal£3.5925013Classic Choice
Cheeseburger Happy Meal£3.5929815Cheese Lovers
4 Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal£3.5917414Bite-Sized Fun
Veggie Dippers Happy Meal£3.591977Vegetarian Delight
Fish Fingers Happy Meal£3.9515111Seafood Fans

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Mcdonalds Adult Happy Meal

The brand is understanding that Happy Meal is not popular only amongst the kids but equally praised by the elders. The latest entry of the Kerwin Frost Box to the Adult Happy Meal UK is a nostalgic fun twist.

It is taking the adults back to cherished ‘80s. Mcdonalds Adult Happy Meals include Big Mac or chicken McNuggets, a drink, fries, and a special McNugget Buddy toy.

McDonald’s and Kerwin Frost

A nostalgic collaboration with Kerwin Frost bringing a playful touch to each meal with McNugget Buddy Toy. McDonald’s is teaming up with DJ Kerwin Frost to unleash a wave of 80s nostalgia! The Kerwin Frost Box isn’t just a meal.

 It’s a collaboration that celebrates pop culture from that iconic decade. And to top it all off, they’re even building a themed restaurant to match!

Happy Meal Toy UK

McDonald’s introduced Paddington as happy meal toy in in 2023 but this was discontinued later in November. Here’s the list of latest Mcdonalds Current Happy Meal Toy in 2024

  • Velma/Superman.
  • Finn/Batman.
  • Wonder Woman/Bugs Bunny.
  • Black Adam/Taz.
  • Taz/Harley Quinn.
  • Shaggy/Batman

Each happy meal offers a unique toy in the box and brings joy and imaginations to your younger ones.

Happy Meal Toy UK

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Can You Buy Happy Meal Toys

Yes, you can buy Mcdonalds happy meals toys. You have the option to buy the toys other than Happy Meal Toys. Mcdonalds happy meal toys are available at approximately £1.49.

Policy for an Extra Toy Purchase
Happy Meal fans rejoice! McDonald’s UK allows you to add one more toy to your Happy Meal order, making your every meal a chance to score an extra surprise by adding one more toy to the bucket.

Mcdonald’s Toys This Week

 If you’re looking for an answer to the question what is the new happy meal toy? So let me share with you that UNO™ has invaded the McDonald’s Happy Meal® box this week! Get ready for a family fun night because these aren’t your average Happy Meal toys

 They’re miniature versions of the classic UNO™ card game. There are six different packs to collect, featuring everyone’s favorite characters from DreamWorks Animation films like Shrek, How To Train Your Dragon, and Madagascar.

Whether you’re a seasoned UNO™ champion or a new player ready to learn the ropes, these Happy Meals are a recipe for fun!

UNO - McDonald's Happy meal toy of the week

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Eco-Friendly Fun

McDonald’s UK prioritizes sustainability and in this regard happy meals are spreading happiness. In the past, they’ve offered Happy Meal toys made from recycled materials. This way McDonald’s ensures your kids have fun with a protected and pure future. Keep visiting us to have an eye out for future eco-friendly initiatives!

FAQs About McDonald’s Happy Meal UK in 2024

Can you buy Happy Meal toys separately?

 Yes, you can buy them individually for around £1.49 each.

How much is a Happy Meal in the UK?

 Prices typically range from £2.59 to £3.59.

Do McDonald’s Happy Meals come with a book?

While not always the case, some Happy Meals might offer a book as an alternative to a toy.

What Toy is in Happy Meals?

These are the happy meal toys in 2024

  • Velma/Superman.
  • Finn/Batman.
  • Wonder Woman/Bugs Bunny.
  • Black Adam/Taz.
  • Taz/Harley Quinn.
  • Shaggy/Batman

How much for a Happy Meal at Mcdonalds?

Each happy meal price is £3.59 but cost of a mcdonald’s happy meal may range from £2.59 to £3.59 depending upon locations.

What is in a Happy Meal?

A Happy Meal is a kid’s meal at McDonald’s with a small entree (burger, nuggets), fries, drink, and a surprise toy! While Adult happy meal is also available.

Whats Mcdonalds happy meal toy?

This week UNO™ has invaded the McDonald’s Happy Meal® box. This include 6 cards inspired from ‘80s era movies.

What is McDonald’s Saver Menu?

Mcdonalds saver Menu is a limited-time offer at McDonald’s. It offers burgers, salad, and fries under £5.

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