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Satisfy your taste buds with this sensational McDonald’s Wrap of the Day today – the BBQ & Bacon Chicken One. A perfect harmony of flavors and texture where succulent chicken either grilled with less calories for health conscious people or crispy chicken for a remarkable crunch.

This McDonald’s Wrap of the Day Tuesday and Thursday is a standout choice of the fast food lovers on McDonald’s Menu UK. The BBQ & Bacon Chicken One wrap features crispy chicken well marinated and drenched in special BBQ smoky sauce, Irish bacon, cool mayo.

Imagine a juicy tomato slice with 100% fresh lettuce adding loads of freshness to every bite. Creamy cool mayo adds a tangy and velvety twist to the McDonald’s BBQ wrap. For smokiness and that familiar salty taste, a streaky bacon gives signature taste to the wrap elevating the entire experience of the delight.  


Energy kJ (25 % RI)

493 kcal

Energy kcal (25 % RI)


fat (28 % RI)


saturated fat (14 % RI)


sugars (7 % RI)


salt (38 % RI)


Chicken Select

1,002 kJ | 240 kcal


Large Tortilla Wrap

719 kJ | 170 kcal

Cool Mayo

Cool Mayo

122 kJ | 30 kcal

Steaky bacon

Streaky Bacon

97 kJ | 23 kcal


Tomato Slice

14 kJ | 3 kcal

Smoky BBQ Sauce

Smoky BBQ Sauce

105 kJ | 25 kcal



9 kJ | 2 kcal

The chicken used in the BBQ & Bacon Chicken One Wrap is a perfect crunch, made with 57% chicken breast, smeared with batter having wheat flour, celery, and spices for extra taste. All fried to golden excellence.

Like other wraps the journey starts with 106g chicken making a 100g finished product. Made from quality chicken with added natural flavorings, salt, and brown sugar. Making it a lighter option for the people who are concerned about calorie intake.

McDonald’s Streaky Bacon comes in two variations, both featuring pork as the primary ingredient. Salt enhances the natural flavor, while sugar adds a touch of sweetness for a balanced taste. An antioxidant (sodium ascorbate) helps preserve freshness, and sodium nitrite acts as a preservative to maintain color and prevent spoilage.

  • Option 1: This recipe starts with pork belly, known for its marbling that contributes to a flavorful experience. Smoke flavoring is added for a smoky aroma and taste, and sodium triphosphate (an emulsifier) aids in moisture retention and texture.
  • Option 2: This variation uses pork meat as the base and incorporates water for moisture and texture. Smoked water provides a smoky flavor similar to the first option, while triphosphates act as stabilizers to maintain the bacon’s texture.

Important Note: Both variations contain sodium nitrite, a preservative that some individuals might want to be aware of due to potential health concerns.

The McDonald’s bun starts with wheat flour (containing added calcium, niacin, iron, and thiamine) as the base, a potential allergen for those with wheat sensitivities. Water and glycerol (a humectant) keep things moist and maintain the desired texture. Added wheat fiber boosts fiber content, while rapeseed oil provides essential fats. A touch of wholemeal wheat flour adds whole grain. Leavening comes from disodium diphosphate and baking soda, allowing the bun to rise. Emulsifiers and stabilizers (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids and carboxymethyl cellulose) contribute to a smooth texture and stability. Yeast aids in fermentation and flavor development, with salt adding a touch of savoriness. Finally, wheat starch binds everything together.

Made just like the first one but with few changes like the inclusion of citric acid for regulating acidity.

Wheat and gluten are present due to wheat flour and derivatives. While not directly in the ingredients, sesame seeds may be present in trace amounts due to shared toasting equipment. Shared manufacturing equipment also poses a potential risk of trace amounts of milk, barley, and rye.

McDonald’s Smoky BBQ Sauce starts with a base of water, followed by sweeteners like glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, and molasses. Tomato paste adds a tangy foundation, while spices (including mustard, a potential allergen) provide depth of flavor. Modified starches help thicken the sauce, and potassium sorbate acts as a preservative

  • One variation includes smoke flavorings for a more pronounced smoky taste.
  • The other uses natural flavoring instead of smoke flavorings.

McDonald’s Mayonnaise is a creamy condiment made with water as the base. Rapeseed oil (accounting for 23.5%) provides a rich texture, while spirit vinegar adds a tangy element. Modified maize starch acts as a thickener, ensuring a smooth consistency.

  • Free-range egg yolk (3%): A key ingredient, but important to note for those with egg allergies.
  • Mustard flour: Enhances the flavor profile, but be aware of this potential allergen.

Additional ingredients include sugar for a touch of sweetness, salt for taste, xanthan gum (a thickener), potassium sorbate (a preservative), and a touch of lemon juice concentrate for an extra layer of flavor.

The company ensures 100% fresh lettuce for all the McDonald’s Menu items. The fresh lettuce guarantees a crisp and refreshing crunch to the bite. This not only enhances the flavors but also adds natural element to the meal.

Average prices for the BBQ and Bacon Chicken Wrap across McDonald’s UK are £4.89 while prices may be different if you buy wrap as McDonald’s meal

  • Large Meal Price £7.29
  • Medium Meal Price £6.59

Major AllergensTraces of Allergens
Eggs and MustardSesame
Wheat GlutenRye Gluten
MilkBarley Gluten

Certainly, the following table concludes the nutrition based on a 2000 calorie diet. Illustrates how many calories in McDonald’s The BBQ and Bacon Chicken One Wrap.

The BBQ and Bacon wrap is a solid option for a quick and satisfying lunch cravings. Lets review it in detail

The chicken is juicy and very flavorful, the wrap is soft and holds everything together very nicely. While crispy or grilled chicken add a satisfying contrast.

The BBQ & Bacon Chicken One Wrap McDonald’s offers a unique BBQ sauce which is star of the show. It’s Sweet with hint of smokiness, covering the chicken in delicious glaze. The Bacon adds very familiar and tasty salty crunch to the bite.

It is in decent size for a lunch snack. However, it might not be sufficient for a person with large appetite.

I liked this wrap due the BBQ Sauce and it deserves 4 out of 5 stars.

What is McDonald’s Wrap of the Day Tuesday and Thursday?

McDonald’s offers Big Flavor BBQ and Bacon wrap on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

How many Calories in McDonald’s Wrap of the Day the BBQ and Bacon chicken one?

With 493 Kcal, McDonald’s Tuesday wrap offers a satisfying wrap a mix of protein, carbs, and fats.

Is Wrap of the Day McDonald’s Thursday healthy?

Yes, Company ensures the quality of its product is maintained with fresh ingredients throughout the week.

What is Wrap of the day Monday?

Monday serves the Spicy Veggie One Wrap. A perfect delight for the vegans offering health and taste at the same time.

Are Twister Wraps still available as Wrap of the Day?

No, KFC has stopped KFC Twisters promotional offer Twister Wrap of the Day from sometime.

What is Mcdonalds garlic mayo wrap, And Garlic Mayo Wrap Calories?

Garlic Mayo Wrap Mcdonalds was a famous amongst mcd wraps before June 2023. But From June 21, 2023 McDonald’s axed this Mcdoanald wrap from the menu.
The garlic mayo wrap Mcdonalds contained 479 Kcal that was coming mostly from protein, carbs and fats.

What is wrap of the day McDonald’s Thursday?

The spicy veggie one and BBQ Bacon Wrap are the Thursday wrap of the Day.

What’s the wrap of the day today?

Check what’s today’s wrap of the day here.

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