Mcdonalds Summer Menu

Mcdonalds Summer Menu 2024

Keep reading to check the return of all time fan favorites and new burgers to the McDonald’s Summer menu this year. McDonald’s adds 8 new food items to the menu in total. Some old items axed and some made a debut in this month of sports when there are exciting sports event taking place like Euro2024 and Copa America. Mcdonalds never seen before items made the scenario even more exciting.

Mcdonalds Summer Menu Prices

Menu ItemPrice
The Hat Trick£5.89 (Medium Meal £7.69)
McDonald’s Chicken Sharebox®£10.59
9 Chicken Select Sharebox®£8.49
Mozzarella Bites with Tomato Dip£2.39
Skittles® McFlurry®£2.19
Iced Latte£2.19
Galaxy® Caramel McFlurry®£2.19
Galaxy® Chocolate and Raspberry Pie£1.99
Mcdonalds Summer Menu

What’s Included in Mcdonalds Summer Menu

Summer Menu McDonald’s 2024 includes the debutant The Hat Trick burger a juicy triple beef patty burger along with two slices of cheese and grilled onion. It is a limited time menu item available till mid of the July. The Hat Trick is priced at £5.89, or £7.69 for a meal deal.

McDonald’s Chicken Sharebox

Another limited time item in the summer menu. The box contains six delicious McChicken Selects, Two McNugget Dips, 12 Chicken McNuggets along with two select dips. A new addition in the sharebox is Mcdonalds nine Chicken Selects along with three Selects dips. McDonald’s has also added a new trio of Select dips including improved Garlic Mayo, Sweet Chilli, and Sweet and Smokey BBQ.

McDonald’s Mozzarella Bites Return

While some of the old items are axed from the menu at the same time few old items made a grand return. One of them is a fans favorite Mcdonald’s Mozzarella Bites now being offered with a tomato dip across McDonald’s UK at £2.39.

The New Skittles McFlurry

The latest Skittles McFlurry flavor caters to sweet tooth enthusiasts with a vibrant candy collaboration featuring Skittles. This new Skittles McFlurry blends the classic McFlurry with chewy Skittles fudge pieces and sugary pearls, all crowned with a purple Skittles-flavored sauce for an extra burst of flavor. The new Skittles McFlurry Price is £2.19.

Galaxy Chocolate and Raspberry Pie

Now after a hot dreamy dessert you can either enjoy Galaxy Caramel McFlurry. This delicious menu item is available in regular size as well as a mini cup. So if you’re feeling full after the dessert check out the miniature to have a taste. In addition to this if you’re craving for chocolate you can sick your teeth with newly added McDonald’s Galaxy Chocolate and Raspberry Pie all for just £1.99.

McDonald’s Iced Latte

I was extremely amazed and equally excited to see the Iced Latte has made a return to the McDonald’s Summers Menu. And above all this time as permanent addition so this is not gonna vanish from the menu as other limited time items will be. McDonald’s Iced Latte Price is £2.19.

McDonald’s New Happy Meal

Some McDonald’s stores in UK are now trialing and evaluating the results of a new Happy Meal menu that includes the classic Mayo Chicken, freshly introduced Fish Bites, and flavored milk drinks in chocolate, strawberry, and banana. Additionally, they are testing a ‘McFreezy’ fruit-flavored ice lolly to add a refreshing option to their offerings. I really liked that must give it a try and give the feedback so that we can make this item a permanent one.

Axed Menu Items Since May 2024

As I’ve written about the introduction of new menu items similarly few items say a good bye to the menu. These include Chicken Big Mac, Cheese with Herb Bites, Double Quarter Pounder Deluxe, and the Quarter Pounder Deluxe.

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Mcdonalds Summer Menu for 2024 brings a tantalizing array of new and returning favorites, perfectly timed alongside major sporting events like Euro 2024 and Copa America. From the debut of the indulgent Hat-Trick burger to the nostalgic return of Mozzarella Bites and the innovative Skittles McFlurry, there’s something to satisfy every craving. Whether you’re cooling down with an Iced Latte or indulging in the Galaxy Chocolate and Raspberry Pie, McDonald’s ensures a delightful summer dining experience. Don’t miss out on these limited-time offerings before they disappear!

FAQ’s About McDonald’s Summer Menu

What is the price of McDonald’s Hat-Trick burger?

  • The Hat-Trick burger is priced at £5.89, or £7.69 for a meal deal.

What is included in McDonald’s Chicken Sharebox?

  • The McDonald’s Chicken Sharebox includes either 6 Chicken Selects with 2 McNugget Dips or 9 Chicken Selects with 3 Selects dips, priced at £10.59 and £8.49 respectively.

How much does the new Skittles McFlurry cost?

  • The new Skittles McFlurry is priced at £2.19 and features Skittles fudge pieces and a Skittles-flavored sauce.

Which desserts have returned to McDonald’s Summer Menu?

  • McDonald’s Mozzarella Bites with Tomato Dip (£2.39) and Galaxy Chocolate and Raspberry Pie (£1.99) have returned to the menu.

Is McDonald’s Iced Latte a permanent addition to the menu?

  • Yes, McDonald’s Iced Latte is a permanent addition to the Summer Menu, priced at £2.19.

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