The wrap up on McDonald’s Wrap of the Day. A lunchtime hero to many, offering a quick and convenient midday flavorful meal option.

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McDonald’s UK Weekly Wrap Flavors

Currently, McDonald’s UK offering four wraps that are available on rotation throughout the week as part of their promotional offer. These wraps are available at cheaper rates than the regular McDonald’s Big Flavor Wraps.

These are the McDonald’s the Sweet Chilli Chicken One, the BBQ and Bacon Chicken One, the Spicy Veggie One and the Caesar & bacon Chicken One.

 Join me on this journey to unwrap every bit about Wrap of the Day Mcdonald’s, daily wrap deals, nutritional facts, McDonald’s UK breakfast menu prices, Openings and closings of McDonald’s Outlet across the United Kingdom, Ireland and Scotland.

McDonald’s The Sweet Chilli Chicken One
McDonald’s The Spicy Veggie One Wrap

McDonald’s The Spicy Veggie One Wrap [365 Kcal | £3.89]

McDonald’s The Sweet Chilli Chicken One

McDonald’s The Sweet Chilli Chicken One [340 Kcal | £3.89]

McDonald’s The BBQ & Bacon Chicken One

McDonald’s The BBQ & Bacon Chicken One [364 Kcal | £3.89]

The KFC Twister Wrap is a flavor explosion wrapped in a warm tortilla with signature chicken fillet and tangy pickled slaw. KFC Still offers Twisters on the menu across KFC UK.

However, a bad news as well that there is no more “Twister Wrap of the Day“. Recently KFC has discontinued this promotional offer that has left a void in daily routine of many.

But if you still want to enjoy twister wraps, you can check all the details including Twister wrap meal, Twister Wrap box, Flavors, Health checks, calories, and twister wrap prices here.

McDonald’s Corporation is world’s leading fast-food chain. Back in 2000s it introduced a new item in the McDonald’s menu named Wrap of the day today.

Quickly it became famous as it offered the customers something that was equally tasty and economical to the pocket. A quick and delicious fast food item in the midday saves the cash and time.

KFC Wrap of the Day offered famous Kentucky wraps at cheaper rates but in 2023 KFC has stopped offering wrap of the day due to many reasons.

Now there is no more discounted wraps but you can enjoy the Twisters at regular price. Get a KFC Wrap meal deal to get some pennies saved.

KFC Wrap of the Day 3

On the other hand as a part of the promotional offers one can get Wrap.of the Day at much cheaper rates than the regular Big Flavor Wraps.

Within the Big Flavor wraps a special promotional offer “Wrap of the Day” offered on different days of week at discounted prices and different flavors.

KFC Wrap of the Day 2

Wrap of the Day PricesOnly WrapsMedium MealLarge Meal
McDonald’s Wrap of the Day£1.99£3.89£4.49
Standard Price£3.29£4.99£5.59
McDonald’s Wrap of the Day UK Price
  • Cost Per Wrap of the Day McDonald’s is £1.99
  • Each Big Flavor Wrap Costs £3.49
  • Big Flavor Wrap in Meal Costs £4.99

One thing here needs to be highlighted that the Wrap of Day offer is no more available on Delivery since January 2023. If you’re thinking of ordering the wrap through My McDonalds app, Uber Eats, or Just Eat you have to pay full price.

Wrap of the day 2024 offers a variety of flavors throughout the week. Each day brings different flavor with different ingredients.

Get wrapped up in flavours with delicious Big Flavour Wraps from The BBQ and Bacon Chicken One to the Spicy Veggie One for the vegetarians. There is wrap for everyone. Either you’re a grilled/crispy meat lover or you don’t like meat or Carnivore diet.

Some people can be allergic to the added ingredients in wraps, Don’t worry you can customize your wraps by adding or removing specific ingredients, here is the complete guide about McDonald’s Wrap of the Day from Monday to Sunday.

Updated Mcdonald’s Breakfast Wrap

Before this beloved menu item was axed in 2020, the Mcdonald’s breakfast Wrap came with a folded egg inside the tortilla. However, with the reintroduction of the Breakfast wrap in 2024, Mcdonald’s now introduced two regular free-range round eggs inside the tortilla and uplifted the overall experience of the Breakfast wrap.
Other than this change everything else about the recipe is still same maintaining the classic flavor of the wrap with the bacon, sausage patty, cheese slice and potato rosti.

However, fans are raising voices to bring Bagaels back to the Mcdonald’s Breakfast Menu.

With the increasing knowledge about food and nutrition people are showing interests in carnivore/animal based or completely vegetarian diet.

There is interesting news for you if you’re vegetarian, McDonald’s wrap of the day Monday and Thursday offer the Spicy Veggie One. A perfect wrap for the vegans.

One can add or remove something from the wrap depending on personal likings. Also look for the allergens before buying. Although the company confirmed that there is no involvement of milk and meat in making the Spicy Veggie One.

McDonald’s Wrap of the Day is a promotional offer going at McDonald’s UK. It offers McDonalds wraps at discounted prices throughout the week offering different flavors on every day.

Since January 2023 McDonald’s UK has stopped offering wraps on delivery, McDonald’s mobile app, and Uber Eats. No plans to bring wraps back on delivery, the Company confirmed.

It was available on McDonald’s breakfast menu before 2016. Featuring either crispy or grilled white chicken breast meat with Monterey Jack Cheese. Combined with Shredded Cheddar, lettuce and a range of sauces, ranch, honey mustard or salsa. All wrapped up in tortilla.

Due to excessive complaints from the employees because it was a bit complex to make. The company discontinued the Snack wrap in 2016.

With the McCafe loyalty Card it costs £2.90.

The Spicy Sriracha Chicken One, is wrap of the day on Wednesday across the UK. Hold on! The Wednesday wrap was temporarily unavailable at McDonald’s Menu.

Due to time-intensive preparations McDonald’s Snack wrap was taken out of the menu in 2016. Many Franchisees raised concerns about wraps slowing down service time. As company’s commitment to efficient and quick service it was then phased out of the menu.

Across the UK wrap of the day is priced at £1.99. However, without the promotional offer its costs increases. Each Big Flavor wrap costs £3.49 and with meal it costs £4.99. Important to note that prices sometimes may vary due to the availability of ingredients at different locations.

No. McDonald’s has variety of wraps that are available on rotation throughout the week. You can check the daily wraps at the top of this article. McDonald’s Wrap of the Day Monday to Sunday with detailed description are given with expert reviews.

Yes, McDonald’s UK offers the spicy veggie one as wrap of the day Monday and Thursday. 100% veggie wrap completely meat-free product.

Based on 2000 calorie diet, A wrap containing 400-500 calories can give you 25% of the daily energy need. A wrap is made up of tortilla, chicken, bacon, mayo, sauces contribute significantly to daily intake of carbs and fats. It can be healthy but if you’re on a weight loss journey then eat wisely,

It is advised not to take the wrap if left out for more than two hours in temperatures ranging from 40°F to 140°F. Bacteria can grow and can make you sick.

It was announced earlier, company discontinuing McDonald’s Breakfast Bagels and Breakfast Wraps stating these items will not return to menu.

How many Pieces are there in a McDonald’s Chicken wrap?

What I found over the years each Wrap contains two crispy or grilled chicken pieces.

Unfortunately, there is no more garlic mayo wrap mcdonalds now. McDonald’s discontinued the garlic mayo wrap from June 21, 2023.

It was famous wrap among the spice lovers. Star of the sriracha wrap was Sriracha chili sauce.

Unfortunately, the sriracha wrap McDonald’s also known as The Spicy Sriracha Chicken One is no more available at McDonald’s UK. It was a limited time promotion offer from January 4th 2023 to February 14th 2023.

McDonald’s UK offered The Spicy Sriracha Chicken One Wrap on Wednesday previously. But right now wrap of the day Wednesday is not available on the menu.

Calories in KFC Twister Wrap varies from 490 kcal in Kentucky Mayo Twister to 530 kcal in Spicy Supercharger Mayo.

Twister alone are good to taste but sometimes aren’t enough to make you full. In that case you can get a twister wrap as Twister Wrap Meal and Twister Wrap Box Meal. In which you get additional KFC signature fries and a soft drink of your choice.

The KFC Twister is a flavor explosion wrapped in a warm tortilla. Imagine a juicy piece of their signature crispy chicken nestled with tangy pickled slaw for a refreshing crunch.

Top it off with your choice of creamy sauce, from the classic Kentucky Mayo to bolder options like fiery Supercharger Mayo (availability may vary). It’s a convenient and delicious way to conquer your lunch cravings on the go.

No, KFC has stopped Twister Wrap of the Day promotional from sometime.

McDonald’s UK offer wraps from Monday to Sunday you can find wrap of the day today at the start of this page. Currently Wednesday wrap of the day is unavailable at the menu.

Yes, McDonald’s offer two wrap of the day meals including Medium and Large wrap meals. Check KFC wrap of the day meal Here.

Mcdonalds wraps UK are also offered as complete meal to satisfy your cravings as well as make you full. Medium wrap of the day meal costs £3.89 and large meal costs £4.49.

As per latest McDonald’s UK offering four wraps that are available on rotation throughout the week as part of their promotional offer. These wraps are available at cheaper rates than the regular McDonald’s Big Flavor Wraps.

On Wednesday, McDonald’s Fajita wrap is offered as wrap of.the day.

Fajita wrap was discontinued but earlier in January it has returned with a new recipe. That includes shredded lettuce with cheese, tomato salsa with onion rings all wrapped in a warm tortilla. Yes, it is Wednesday wrap of the day McDonald’s.

Yes. Promotional offer wrap of the day today McDonald’s is still available across UK.

What are McDonald’s Cheese Bites?

McDonald’s Cheese Bites are bite sized delights come in variety of flavors from fiery Chilli cheese bites to Creamy Cheese melt dippers. Previously Nacho cheese bites were also included in it but currently it is not on the McDonald’s UK Menu.

Does McDonald’s Wraps included in Saver Menu?

No! Mcdonalds Saver Menu includes burger, fries, fresh Side Salad and a drink.

What is McDonald’s Chicken Select Price?

  • 5 chicken selects cost £6.59
  • 3 chicken selects cost £5.39

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